Bike Fit

  • Maximise your power
  • Improve efficiency and comfort on the bike
  • Eliminate pain while riding

We believe that bike fitting should be affordable and meet the needs of the rider. We tailor our fitting sessions to the individual riders style, flexibility, functional movement and provide advice appropriate to the riders situation. Cycling is an expensive sport so we only recommend changes to equipment when its absolutely necessary.

Are you experiencing any aches or pains when riding? Sore knees or feet, or lower back pain, or hand, neck or shoulder pain, or saddle sores or other problems?

During each bike fit session we take detailed measurements and check that all aspects of your bike set up is correct, including:

  • Foot alignment and shoe/cleat placement, cleat wedging and shimming (if required)
  • Saddle height and fore-aft position
  • Hip/pelvic alignment
  • Handlebar height and overall reach
  • Aerobar setup for time trialist and triathletes, focusing on achieving aerodynamic position without compromising on power

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