Sri Importing


 Our company believes in Sri (shree): Radiating our best qualities by living our true passion. And we have a passion for pedaling.

At Sri Importing, we understand the sense of exhilaration and wonder an athlete experiences when body and equipment connect seamlessly. Movement is fluid. Inner passion ignites. Sri comes alive!

That’s why we strive to source cycling products with soul. Our partners and suppliers are defining the future from a solid grounding in history and practice. For them, design is a labour of love. Cutting edge products emerge from fervent imagination, enduring principles and technical know-how. Attention to detail results in old school quality. Passion meets purpose. Purpose transforms into premium quality gear and accessories that energize the spirit and satisfy the form.

Stir your pedaling passion. Inspire your Sri.

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Products we sell and distribute: 

 Alero Bicycles - bicycles, wheels, components


   Cobb Cycling - saddles, components


  4iiii Innovations - power meters, heart rate units


  Seftor Precision Wheel Building Jig


 Phil Wood - hubs, components, wheels


 BiSaddle - adjustable saddle for road and triathlon.


  XShifter - converts ANY bike to wireless shifting in just a few minutes utilizing your existing drivetrain components. Any derailleur, cassette or chain ring. Any manufacturer.

 Bottecchia bicycles cwith its design and its technological innovations.arbon and steel road bikes, mountain bikes, gravewl bikes, time trial / triathlon bikes.