Before my bike fitting I was frustrated and unmotivated. Biking wasn’t fun anymore! After having 360 Bikefit adjust the fit of my bike I’m excited about biking again.

The process was thorough and detailed. The changes that were made immediately made me feel more comfortable on my bike. I could instantly feel the strain I had been putting on my body was gone. Within a few training sessions I was able to see an improvement in my ability to increase RPM.

Not only did I feel a tangible difference in the fit of my bike right away, but 360 Bikefit made a point of explaining that a bike fitting is something that needs to be assessed, and reassessed over time. They encouraged me to be in touch as time went on to have them re-evaluate my fit so that I could be sure that I was as comfortable and efficient as possible when riding.

I would highly recommend 360 Bikefit. They are professional and methodical, and will absolutely ensure your bike fits so you can achieve your goals.

 ~ Stephanie, Calgary